Three 6 Mafia - Pussy Got Ya Hooked Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Pussy Got Ya Hooked Lyrics
[DJ Paul]
Uh-huh... Three 6... Mafia...
We gotta do it for the ladies this time man... gotta do one
for the ladies they say we never do one for em... We gon
talk about how ladies have these dudes sewed up...
How a lotta dudes fall lame to the game.. It's goin down...

[Chorus x2]
This pussy got ya hooked pussy got cha hooked
This pussy got ya hooked pussy got cha hooked
This pussy got ya hooked pussy got cha hooked
This pussy got ya hooked pussy got cha hooked

[Juicy J]
Freaky lil thang gon pass me by watchin you out the corner of my eye
Wit a big booty and them healthy thighs let a nigga get a lil piece of that pie
You ain't all that why you actin stuck up let me pour some of this drank in ya cup
And maybe later I'll hit them guts and maybe at night you'll be catchin the bus
Worsem ass nigga keep blowin up ya phone can't get the picture won't leave you alone
(you have 12 new voice messages) Girl what you done did that fool head gone
I think a young playa need to hook up wit you cause ain't no tellin what you might do
Chew a nigga up in the Bentley coupe toes curlin up like Roman noodles


[DJ Paul]
She get it so wet she make it so warm
And on a lame brain mane she got a lotta charm
She swallow it like a pill and makin them pay them bills
For another nigga kid cell phone car and crib
He payin for the dinner for him her and all her friends
And when he spend the night her dog in the bed he in the den
But still he say he love her wouldn't put his mom above her
He did all this after the first time he ever f*cked her


[Remy Ma]
Don't ask me nigga you nasty nigga you had ya tongue in my ass nigga
And you a pro so I know it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last nigga
And aint't tryna to act like it wasn't all that when you be sick when I'll fall back
Name any piece of furniture in ya crib and I can guarantee we f*ck on that
See when you hooked you know that it's.. so good you gotta go back
Then it seem like any other chick that you try to stick ya dick in be so wack
And for some reason it won't stay up but when you wit me it be way up
And you'll never say no when I call yo phone you already be ready to lay up

[Crunchy Blac]
He's a lame ass nigga hollerin that he pimpin the broad (pimpin the broad)
But found out he was spendin amp on the broad (amp on the broad)
Ohh how a nigga be wit that flauge (wit that flauge)
Hannndcuffin hoes that'll do that job (do that job)
Sloooob on my knob mane get that change (get that change)
Ain't no shame in her gotdamn game (gotdamn game)
All she think about she wanna please her mane (please her mane)
Bringin back double drivin him insane (him insane)

[Chorus x2]

[music to fade]

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