Three 6 Mafia - Ridin' On Chrome Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Ridin' On Chrome Lyrics
[Project Pat]
Crusin' Farsier Blvd. Made a right on Hollywood mayn.
just bought a sack from the crest it's all good mayn
In the hood mayn its the project nigga rolla
nigga from the northside of mephis on dat dojah
Watch them rollers cause you know they out to catch a nigga
See me on them chrome thangs
then they wanna harass a nigga
pass a nigga by but the outer look don't get no hit
See their own reflection when they tryin to look in my tint
project moving on cause I do not buy them pa pa's
just ran out of blunts so im pulling up at Barbara's
Little store Garcia blunts call up gangsta fred
Cold 40 ounce of bud ice my nigga whats next
staright to high park after dark breaking down the weed
curt and short hennesey and my nigga lil tyree
mayn we be on the purest chronic dog thats on the town
if you be thinking that we lying then you come on down.

Ridin on Chrome,
and we smoking on some dope mayn. [x8]

[Project Pat]
15 17 niggas on them twankies
riding through the town dog smoking on some stanky
indo-nesia bumpin out da kickbox
smoke out the sun roof
gat in the stash pot.
City hot with that Zero tolerence thats bullshit
niggas still ride still cheif
and get full bitch
Millionare split the blunt
tobacco out
in with weed
nigga like me
smoke an ounce down to the seeds.
certian weed sneak up on ya dog
hit ya like bull
most weed knock you on your ass when you take a puff
my shit get ya high bitch
make you wanna f*ck
candy pearl white paint job mayn on Juicy's truck
crooked slut wanna f*ck with us
but you get no props
eyes popping out ya head while you at the bus stop
bitches hate to now you know that thats a damn shame
M-Town players on chrome smoking dope mayn.


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