Three 6 Mafia - Smokin on da Dro Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Smokin on da Dro Lyrics
[Hook x2:]
Smokin' on da dro
You can't act like you don't know
Smokin' on da dro
You can't act like you don't know
Get down, get down on ya knees like a topnotch ho
Get down on ya knees like a topnotch ho

[DJ Paul]
Now all these chicken head hoes tryna smoke for free
See now hoe round these parts gone be smokin' on me
Get to f*ckin where you fit in
If you want it throw yo bucks in
Trade yo truck in
Put something on it

[La Chat]
Hold up, now how you figure that LaChat be jockin niggas for weed
You in my face so mother f*cker yeah I'm smoking for free
See we cant kick it 'less you niggas stick and roll in that dough
So f*ck you boy I'm real as truth and so I know we'll smoke

[DJ Paul]
That aint my dog, that's just a nigga that just be tryna play hard
The type of nigga I steal my weed from when times get hard
But if you wanna f*ck wit that fool its cool I aint hurtin
You better dress real light cuz that conditioning aint working

[La Chat]
Nigga who gives a f*ck what kinda friend or kid that he be to you
I'm bout my smokin', chokin', chiefin', f*ck what you and him do
Aint shit for free, but shit wit me, you gotta be ready to spin
A ghetto bitch, I'm layin' back smokin' wit a devilish grin

[Hook x2:]

I smoke 'em, get choked on, Provoked on the leaves
These bitches want to get they hands on and chief
I duck in, I dodge in, I dip in, I dive
For bitches who follow to smoke by my side
The head tilt, just like silk, she made me get milk
The hobos, just smoke on the blunt super built
Snatch yo bitches ass if she went in my stash
Make money, get f*cked up, treat women like trash

[Juicy J]
All all these hoes be sayin we ghetto
Maybe not they type of fellow
Pushin on that Chevy pedal
Always tryna sell that yellow
Guess she think that I'm gone beat her
All I wanna do is meet her
We can ride out on the bridge to meet this nigga wit Maria
Don't be scared when we be slangin'
Love yo company when we hangin'
Heard you like to f*ck wit robbers, let you niggas run a train and
Rub yo pussy wit the fruity
Bend you over, bang the booty
Undercover f*ckin partners, I will shock ya never knew it

[Hook x2:]

This for the smokers and cheifers
She get on reefer her throat is deeper
Strait from a skeezer who stimulated to suck my pita
Riding on ox and Vogues
Hallin and flockin hoes
Which won of these bitches 'll suck me clean as mop and glow
You ho in the freight can slown it
Yo mouth and my dick component
A solid contraption we comin' bitches a magic moment
Inside of a Navigator
Bitches 'll masturbate ya
This sweat is activator
Vanilla her favorite flavor
The semen ejaculator
But T-Rock 'll never pay ya
If she broke then she wont hand a black wit out hoe and later
Yo payment is from the labor
Obedient to my favors
When she get hi her favorite food is dick and Now-n-Laters
A true gullin' rooty playa
Hella-fresh in my Gators
Bitches they smoking free with the mafia undertakers
We cool as refrigerators
When breathin' the chronic vapors
Aint trustin' no ho, a dick suckin' ho is a infiltrator

[Hook x2: til fade]

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