Three 6 Mafia - Sweet Robbery (pt. 2) Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Sweet Robbery (pt. 2) Lyrics
But my niggaz talkin about robbin well jump into the chevy hit the dash board
get the mask But all my niggaz talkin about swoppin the wheel the devil control
me to a sweet robbery

(DJ Paul)

I cruise in my chevy shakin these late nights and soon a killa will thank me
will come out again to take another life Im tired of hidin from 5-0 cas these
fools scope me nightly Im changin my identity and playin more roles than that
nigga spike lee this shit aint fake I gotta break and get the f*ck back from
this murder case for chill this shit is cool to rap about but see to me it aint
so fun when its real them cops cant roll to Triple Six so no lord can save 'em
I try to least say not after that but now I ask of another favor one of my
homies died two of my niggaz in the JC but now I ask of you first power bring
'em back to me we ran a job off top we had to pop some cops bust in some fools
house made us lead us to his stash spizot Skeemask over my skull papers in my
mouth cause Im grilled bitch its a house call glock nine with no love killaz
from the south gotta peel caps that make your shells fall but I will be the
only one still leg locked employed cause job to me you need to lay down you
niggaz you bitch
es you snitches smoke swishers and plan my sweet robberies


(Juicy J)

This shit is on Im scopin out this fool that I dont like who f*cked me out some
money wait till the night Im gonna touch him with a gauge gotta touch him wit a
gauge nigga think he f*cked me gonna get his ass sprayed first I hit the weed
bomb hit full of redrum nigga betta give me some or I'll make your body numb
bitch I thought you knew it was on when when you pulled that shit flodgin ass
nigga prepare for tha trigger wit no f*ckin heart you gonna meet this sick
killa dont step you better watch your back better watch your self watch out for
the niggaz you trust or take your last breath when I put this tone up in yo
face its gonna be a case without no trace the robber had a mask on tryin to get
his blast on no evidence this shit'll be erased were in pauls chevy deep were
visions in your sleep the Juice, Project Pat, Lil Glock & S.O.G, Lord Infamous,
and Crunchy Black got them gats to your back another sweet robbery another
muthaf*cker jacked


(Koopsta Knicca)

The devils in the air yea helpin that I find your sorrow straight buddah smokes
we robbin hoe koopsta knicca know leavin them bitches no sorrow that why I'll
never know the secrets of the many double quickness you can pick it up in
dividend get a ton of burn in the end by the Koopsta nigga your deadly friend I
take you for your ride take you to the evil side bitch i'd rather see you dead
than alive misery burn outta cry for one day not all misery cured cops caught
the witness on me and my nigga keep ??? in all them hoes So you triziks can
witness the Triple Six click for them souls like robbery pros kurt rolled the
windows solo so we can get out of here Paul caught two bitches in the den
comiting a rob with the ten ten corpses dead with torches to the night into
they brain them pray day always so we buried them bitches on amother day no
heavin sin no evidence man you cant f*ck with this for you niggaz who wont
wanna give up all of your shit then you gon be a dead bitch you hear him an
then a body droppin in a
ditch they say Im crazy though i really say im a lunatic


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