99 Problemz (But Lil' Flip Ain't One) Lyrics by T.I.

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99 Problemz (But Lil' Flip Ain't One) Lyrics
Gangsta gangsta grisill


Live and direct from the traps of bankhead nigga
Pimp squad Click nigga grand huslte pimp I sound mad huh? yo faggot ass gon be mad in a
Minute. (King of The South)

I'm king of the place call home of the base
He emerged out the trap from a zone of the flake
Caught a case and he still keep a chrome on his waste
For the hatuhs and tha fakes gettn thrown in the way
Like a pussy nigga named lil wesley tryna test me
O u best be hangin whut your faggot ass best be
Use words carefully when u address me
Ye ain't gotta like me but your gonna respect me (or else)
Or else get wet like a jet ski nigga take 10 of these and live that'll impress me
Say I wanna rap on your song and ye'ain't let me
Seen ya on the front of the source like that upset me
Nigga f*ck ya in tha ass I ain't mad bout shit shot quick full clip all yo ass gon get (gon get)
And I ain't finna put a mask on flip I'm a empty out this clip and ya ass gon flip
Bet ya moms and yo dad gon trip but dem the consequences tryna mash on tip
Nigga lyrically I mirk u physically I hurt you ye'a'int neva ran tha streets u had a curfew
F*ck around with me and I bet you be in the dirt soon
Look you in the eye and see your sweet like perfume
So go on and keep runnin u dick sucka
I'm a swang show tha world that your just a big sucka
Daddy shoulda got some head wish he woulda wore a rubba
But he didn't so now I geuss tha world gotta suffa
Tip a be tha reason for the saddest day your momma seen
When I let this kay slay a nigga like the drama king
Betta find a nigga to try shawy I ain't tha one
I got 99 problems lil flip ain't one c'mon

I say 99 problems lil flip ain't one
F*ck boy you wanted beef well he found him some
I got 99 problems lil flip ain't one
I say 99 problems lil flip ain't one
This pussy nigga wanted beef well he found him some
I got 99 problems lil flip ain't one

[Lil Flip:] (scarface is the king of the south)
Pussy nigga shut tha f*ck up I'm cool with face even he kno dat you a sucka
Paul wall runnin texas alone with slim thugga
Mike jones he a g and zee ro some real hustlas
Ye'ain't neva been a botany boy you just a busta (busta)
Neva been seen outside on tha southside sucka
Now you puttn on like u run shit after third go to jail with this leprachaun shit
Several times u don't like whut I'm sayin then buck
Nigga swang when u see me nigga I don't give a f*ck
Cause I kno u just a lame and your patnuhs ain't tuff
I kno your aim ain't shit and your fight game suck
So I couldn't imagine thate g's tha ones who listen to you
Just some kids women and a lotta homosexuals
I'm a stand up guy man I made the principles
All u do is lie and every thing u say is fictional
I demand my respect I'm a die about that
But I'm a hit u with tha teck and let you lie about that
So keep me out your raps or this shit ain't done
I got 99 problems lil flip ain't one

Say f*ck nigga I heard u talkin bout me nigga come see me nigga atlanta zone 1 (bankkhead)
Matter fact I come see you nigga in the suburban area of houston I kno you can't
Come to the city nigga. say weren't you a jantitor in high school you sucka ass nigga
(though we forgot) nigga nigga hump say he made you put on that leprachaun
Suit you talkin bout u got rich off that shit nigga ye ain't even get no card till this next album
(little bow tie wearin ass nigga) nigga how I'm livin nigga you rented that mutha f*ckib
House in carrison ohio on how I'm livin think we ain't know about that huh I'm expose
Yo pussy ass nigga (Top hat wearin ass nigga) you ho ass nigga wait till I see you
I'm a slap you in them white gold teeth you got nigga that ain't no mutha f*ckin platinum
30 g's my ass nigga you musta forgot paul wall made grills nigga das my mutha f*ckin patnuh nigga
30 g's my ass I'm a get a grill just to show you what 30 g's look like nigga
Ay flip man can I get one of dem bowties and top hat please I need one one of dem glitter bow ties and a top hat plees
Dis dis halloween I wanna be da leprechaun dis halloween can I get one and my
Very own pot of gold to squat over like a little bitch you sucka ass weak boi I mutha f*ckin beat yo ass man
Lil flip how dare you forreal man the audacity of this ho nigga can u beleive it I'm done with you
Now but say sumthi else and this ain't ova. bitch

And I'll adore you
I'll treat you like milk I'll do nothin but spoil you
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