The Way You Want It Lyrics by T.I.

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The Way You Want It Lyrics
(And that's the way that you want it)
This how you want it
It's like that,
It's all good I'll be right back,
That's how you see it,
That's what it is,
This how you feel,
Guess it is what it is [x2]

[Verse 1: TI]
After careful consideration I've concluded tribulations make you great if you're willing to go through it,
They can hate all they want
But in the end whatever god intends to be will be so put your trust in He and not the hearts of men
We often question adversity's purpose stressin'
Not recognizin' the blessin' often missin' the message
Who'da thought I'd emerge from the ruins and the records even better than I was before the automatic weapons
The lesson I took away made my testimony compellin'
Enough to leave an impression on strugglin' adolescents
Who nobody invested put forth the effort or took a second to push it to do their best and promote forward progression
Statistically destined to be arrested
Shot in a second
That hopelessness leads to depression
They disguise as aggression
Tell the federal felon pressin' to earn his way into heaven
Show up or show 'em confessions and opportunities present
Potential is mental your destiny is in your possession
Ambition and education is first and talent is second
You get what you can envision if puttin' me in prison more important than keepin' them out I respect your decision


[Verse 2:]
After the back and forth and you constantly asking for more
Child support I ask what for and you take me back to court, now
I'm in a public tug-o-war for dough I struggle for,
I owe money for my sons, honey, and nothin' more
Do much more than average for my sons that's just ignoring facts
You can get off ya ass and work you don't wanna be f*ckin' poor, that's not quite the issue is it?
It's that we don't f*ck no more,
That's 'sposed to be you who buyin' houses pickin' out the car,
That's 'sposed to be you in benz's, bentley's, fendi and dior that's
Your problem just accept it you and I are never more
And forever we never will just try your best to deal
I rolled around with you for years and I regret it still
And well since you ain't let yourself know,
You look a mess just let yourself go I guess
They say misery love yes, but frankly I'm too blessed
To walk around frowning looking all depressed
Where your self respect to get yourself in check
You disgraced women who work need to put yourself in check
I kept it to myself just cause I felt it wasn't fair
But now I'm pissed to the point I don't care, so there!

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