You Can Tell How I Walk Lyrics by T.I.

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You Can Tell How I Walk Lyrics
[Hook x2 - T.I.:]
You can tell how I walk I'm a boss (I'm a boss)
You can tell how I speak I'm a king (I'm a king)
You can tell how I walk, you can tell how I walk
You can tell how I speak, I'm a king

[Verse 1 - T.I.:]
When I'm walkin' up, I'm bossin' up
And not even on purpose bruh
You talk too much, you soft as f*ck
Your type I've seen it all too much
You don't want no boss, uh, and we knew it
And life for you or we make you cough it up, and keep going
I welcome you to danger zone
Now you continue on at your own risk
And I ain't scary shit cause when it's on, it's on
And I ain't gonna be backing down for shit
I'm ridin' chrome, going home with Hawaiian chick
I ran a major operation, you shit minor a bit
I walk like [?] designer cool cat around this bitch
And when I speak to you, King shit is all you get, nigga

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Rick Ross:]
Who f*ckin' with fat boy, I traffic my body weight
So much cake in the club damn near caught me a fair case
My old school is running Gatorade in my Chevy
My money is safe, I'm runnin' last [?]
We barricaded in front, the waterfalls in the back
Enough crack for a month, you smell it all in my raps
Niggas wanna be famous, I want the luxury tax
Not one of my checks like my company facts
I'm pumpin' my gas comin' down Cleveland Ave
How much a nigga worth? Ho don't even ask
Ten mill with Diddy, I'm getting money with Tip
When you see me in the city then it's money we get

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - T.I.:]
He in more shit, sure get the call he know
He go too far, twenty west he better holla at them
A nigga catch [?], Hustle Gang at ho
Say Trae The Truth gon' cut the fool, give 'em fifty to go
You the [?], we don't mention it though
Told you before who about that action but you weren't listening though
I'm in the BM got you [?]
She f*cked 3 ho bust in her throat then she one homie proposed
We in the Lambo raising the dough
Acting like an Atlanta nigga never made it before
We actin like we never made it before
In case I ain't say it before, 2014
Till I got a.40 Cal and 2000 in my jeans, nigga

[Hook x2]
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