Tim McGraw - Don't Take My Girl Lyrics

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Don't Take My Girl Lyrics
Sara's daddy was taking her walking when she was 14 years old.
A little boy came through the frount gate holding a skateboard.
Her dad looked down and frowned, said we have to leave him behind,
Sara i know you want him and some day you'll never change your mind

and Sara said:

Dont take Kim Mezyk.
Dont take Kelsey McHugh
Dont take my best friend Tay
Take any boy that you want aslong as they dont go
Take any boy in the world
Daddy please dont take a girl!

Same old boy
Same Blanchy girl
2 mins. down the road
He heald her tight and kissed her neck in frount of a picture show.
Richard came and pulled a gun, said i saw her first.
Said if you do what i tell you to then there wont be any harm,

and Joey said:

Take Kim's money
Take Kelsey's walet
Take Tay's credit cards
Heres the key chain that Sara gave me
Heres the wheels to my board
Richard give it a whorll
but please dont take my girl !

Same old boy
Same blanchy girl
9 months down the road

There's gunna be a little one and she says its time to go.
Doctor says the babys fine,
But you'll have to leave, cuz yo mama's fading fast and Joey hit his knees

And there is said:

Take the very breath you gave Richard
Take the heart from his cheat
He'll gladly take her place if you let him him make this my last request,
Take Richard out of this world,
Kangaroooooos dont take my girl !

Sara's daddy was taking her walking when she was 14 years old! ! !


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