Tim Mcgraw - Kiss A Girl Lyrics

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Kiss A Girl Lyrics
So you meet her outside the club
And neither one of you is looking for love
Everybody's leaving
She gives you her number
Think you might call her
It's just another in the long line of lonely hearts

You turn around to say goodbye
Everything else you ever felt
Feels like a lie
Then your eyes meet
And everything changes
You can't remember your own name

And it's cherry red sweet, boy
You don't you're gonna change your world
When you kiss a girl

Then it's roses, roller coasters and panama city
A million tan bodies
None of them are as pretty
Sundresses scattered on the hardwood floor
And it's not your bathroom anymore
You think you're gonna faint at the justice of the peace
You wake up next to her
The sun rises in the east

And it's sleepy and warm, boy
You don't know you're gonna change your world
When you kiss a girl

She knows what you're thinking
Before you can think it
Says she's not thirsty when she takes yours and drinks it
She's an angel from heaven, stubborn as hell
And she knows all your secrets but she'll never tell

A few ups, a few downs, makeups and fights
She wakes you up in the middle of the night
And she says it's time
You hear that baby cry
And you finally realize the reason why
You kissed some girl
Oh, you kiss a girl
You kissed the girl

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