Ain't Breakin' Nothin' Lyrics by Toby Keith

Toby Keith Lyrics

Ain't Breakin' Nothin' Lyrics
Written by Toby Keith and Bobby Pinson

I told you when I met you, don't try to love me
But I love you for trying to anyway
You're cryin' and it don't surprise me
But you can't find it in your heart to stay
This ain't the first time to be my own worst enemy
Baby, don't you worry about me

You ain't sayin' nothin' that ain't been said
You ain't leavin' somethin' that ain't been left
Ain't bringin' me nothin' I don't already know
You ain't doin' nothin' that ain't been done
Ain't startin' somethin' that ain't begun
I ain’t sayin’ it won’t kill me to watch you go
But you ain't breakin' nothin' that ain't already broke

I eased up off the whiskey
Me and Jesus got right
But still you goodbye kiss me
No matter how hard I try
I'm down lower than I’d like to go
This ain't the first time that I've dug out this hole

Repeat Chorus

Ain’t already alone
Ain’t already dealin’ with you being’ gone

Repeat Chorus

Already broke
Already broke
Already broke

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