Before We Knew They Were Good Lyrics by Toby Keith

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Before We Knew They Were Good Lyrics
Five young guns, four old Fords between us
Never more than a couple of 'em run at a time
Bold and bored, standin' and gasolinin'
Makin' sparks with anything we could find
We love that town but we were seventeeners
Ridin' around giving it the finger

Those days we made it last all night
Those girls we thought were just all right
Those kids that town misunderstood
They were great before we knew they were good

Sweatin' in the sun 'cuz havin' fun takes money
Paid for our crazy cuttin' grass
Waitin' on the front porch
For little miss milk and honey
Smellin' like Marlboros and lawnmower gas
We parked that Galaxy out there where the milo grew
Two beginners tryin' to show each other what they knew

Repeat Chorus

Caged birds singing, waitin' on their wings and learnin' to fly
One day they're on the ground and then you turn around
They're all in the sky

Repeat Chorus

Before we knew they were good
They were great

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