Cabo San Lucas Lyrics by Toby Keith

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Cabo San Lucas Lyrics
Girl the last time you saw me I wasn’t this cool
And I’m hangin’ out in Mexico down by the pool
In Cabo, Cabo San Lucas
If I send you ticket would you fly in?
I’d sure like to see you, we could hook up again
In Cabo, Cabo San Lucas

I know it sounds crazy, but I bought a guitar
And I’m singing my songs downtown in a bar
You can come with a friend, you can come by yourself
You can sleep here with me, I ain’t go nobody else
In Cabo, Cabo San Lucas

Well the Baja gets hot this time of year
And except for the fisherman, they all disappear
In Cabo, Cabo San Lucas
Pacifico is great, Tequila is too
I got it all goin on, but I ain’t go you
In Cabo, Cabo San Lucas

Repeat chorus

I’ll show you the stars and the moon on the sea of Cortez
And the beach at San Juan as the sun’s sinking down in the West

I’m leavin’ you this message, and if you give a damn
And you wanna call me you know where I am
In Cabo, Cabo San Lucas
Way down in Mexico
Way down in Cabo

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