Hard Way To Make An Easy Living Lyrics by Toby Keith

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Hard Way To Make An Easy Living Lyrics
Some people say he’s a wealthy man
But he built his house with his own two hands
On a piece of land that’s as far as you can see

They call him lucky, but they don’t know
He’s up and running when the rooster crows
And he’s still in the fields with his supper cold
But if you ask me,


It’s a hard hard way to make your way
In a world that don’t care what you pay,
What you earn or what you take,
Or how much you’re not giving
Life’s a tough old road to hoe,
Trust in God with the seeds you sow,
And always know it’s a hard hard way of making easy living

His flatbed it was shiny and new back in 1992
It’s been a few since he had ‘im a year like that
He ain’t got time to complain,
Hay on the ground and it looks like rain and,
Pray it ain’t like the twister that came back in ’88 and laid everything flat


They take for granted for what he’s planted in that stubborn ground,
But the cattle and the cotton know that they don’t know in town


Makin’ easy living,
Making easy living.

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