Kissin' In The Rain Lyrics by Toby Keith

Toby Keith Lyrics

Kissin' In The Rain Lyrics
Written by Toby Keith and Bobby Pinson

Thunderbird was July hot
And that muddy lake was the perfect spot
For campfires and drinkin’ beer
And skippin’ half your senior year
Told your mom a little white one
She didn’t want you hangin’ out with a son of a small town rough-neck man
That’ll never be nothin’ but an oil field hand
Showed up with your girlfriend
‘Bout the time a storm rolled in
Wind got up it was pourin’ down
We could hear the sirens goin’ off in town

We were kissin’ in the rain, kissin’ in the rain
Hittin’ hard like a hurricane
Summer nights lit up with lightnin’
Soakin’ wet starin’ in your eyes
And we didn’t care a thing about the thunder
While the angry sky we were under
Was raisin’ cane
We were kissin’ in the rain

You got in too late that night
And you and momma had a fight
You weren’t ever gonna win
Never got to see me again

Well, like that storm the days roll by
And now and then I still drive
Across the dam I my ol’ Ford
I’ll get out and walk that shore
I still see you standin’ there
In blue jeans too wet to wear
And hair all drenched and outta place
Mascara runnin’ down your face
Every time the clouds get low
And the sirens start to blow
I get a sweet little déjà vu
‘Bout Thunderbird and me and you

Repeat Chorus

Kissin’ in the rain

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