She Left Me Lyrics by Toby Keith

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She Left Me Lyrics
Her bags are packed and waitin' for someone to come pick 'em up outside
Ah, yeah
I don't know where they come from, man,
I ain't seen that much luggage in my life
She was always bad about leavin', especially every time I done her wrong
This time she might be through believin' me
Yeah this time she might be good as gone gone gone

We'd still be together but she left me
I got mad about it but it never did upset me
She'll Remember me until the day she forgets me
We'd still be together but she left me

She took everything I had except some change that she left laying in an ashtray
I guess I got that going for me if I plan on looking at it that way
She loaded up my boat and my motor
She took off with my guitar and my guns
I heard she ran away with my best friend Jake
And I know I'm gonna miss him when its all said and done


My baby left me

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