Tommy Collins - Birmingham Lyrics

Tommy Collins Lyrics

Birmingham Lyrics
I've never been so blue as I am now in this old town

You don't know how homesick I am to see the streets of my hometown

I left in search of greener grass but oh what a fool I am

There's just no place that I have found with greener grass than Birmingham

Birmingham Alabam a mighty pretty town the town from I am

And I'm gonna settle down in Birmingham

It's a town I'll soon be seein' then I'll feel like a human bein'

I'm southworth they're gonna pitch my tens in Birmingham

[ piano - guitar ]

I'm gonna buy some big red roses for my girl when I come home

There's nothing good enough to bring the little girl who wears my ring

And I'm goin' there just as soon as I can back to my hometown

And I'll never say goodbye to them that little girl in Birmingham

Birmingham Alabam...

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