Tone Loc - Funky Westside Lyrics

Tone Loc Lyrics

Funky Westside Lyrics
(feat. Kenyatta)

(aw yeah, huh)

(UH!) One-two, one-two...
Oh my God! Tone-Loc, where you been?
Oh, he back in the studio! HO-OH-oh-oh [*laughs*]
..Ohhh shhhit....It's a miracle...
Hey, hey, whatcha gotta do, whatcha gotta do...
Check it out, holmes...

[Tone-Loc imitates a Jamaican rasta]
BO-BO...Ladies and is time for me to introduce to you
The grandmaster, the MC, that 'oes from coast to coast
The gggrandwizard, The Man, The Myth, Tone Smith
But {?} known as, Tone-Loc!
Yo LOCO....I wan you to rip it up for 'em, mon!
Tell us what it's all it away from {?} bloodclots...
and do it for the westsyyyyde...

[Verse One]
I do believe the year was 1966
A young brother was brought up in the mix...
and ever since that day was born
like a mother from a baby, he could never be torn
From the neighborhood that ?tardy? so much
I'da hustle and chill, and surviving the clutch...
and if you didn't know, I'm talkin' 'bout the best side
Where the tribe reside on that Westside
This ain't Bed-Stuy, but it's like "Do or Die"
Contemplatin' suicide to ride by
homicides, and then it's ova... (ova, ova...)
No rabbits for the four-leaf clover
Everything is everything, just mind yo' buis-ness
and when I handle mine, I leave no witness
So when you're walkin', aim straight and keep goin'
The rhymes are ?gumblin'? and the tribe is still, flowin'
Fo'-deep in the G-ride... (G-ide, G-ride..)
Tryna make it, to the funky-ass Westside

To the funky-ass Westside (Westside, Westside...)

[Chorus- Kenyatta]
C'mon! Lemme hear you say

[Verse Two]
III remember the dayys, as a tee-ager
Before the hypeness, of a sky-pager...
It was +Happy Days,+ now +Who's The Boss?+
Instead of The Shuffle, we was doin' El Lacoss
and it was easy to catch a girl solo
Bust out the gigolo, but showed the polo
Before you thought we was coooold freakin'
BIG grindin', dancin' cheek to cheek and
Steal a kiss and you know I'm all excited!
Until the point where I can't even hide it
and when you know, someone stepped on my shoe
and why they do that? And I done had too many blues
I tried, real hard, to stay cool and calm
He didn't say, "Excuse me" so I had to BOMB
Lookin' at his {?}, I was only upset!
So I get, betta watch the step... (watch the step...)
On the funky-funky Westside... (Westside...)

It's a funky-funky Westside


[Tone-Loc over chorus]
For the O.G.s' and dawgs, know what I'm sayin'?
Fo' the ?all the rocks?
To all the Locs'...

I-I-I-IIIIII shot the sher-IFF (Yeah I did...)
But I did not shoot no deputy... (Nah...)
Ohhh no, NOOOOOOO (I didn't chalk him)
I said, III shot the sher-IFF (yeah, I shot him)
But I did not shoot, no deputy (ain't shoot no deputy)

[Verse Three]
Illusions of the world and my mind begin to twirl
Thinkin' 'bout a wife, a lil' boy and a girl
You can do this when your pockets are fat, not skinny
and at this point of time, I ain't makin' a penny
Hard times of it, so I gotta get my slang on
Back on The Ave., where I used to get my bang on
Homies all around, still ?pullin'? llicks
Ain't worry 'bout a thang from Officer Dick
Yo they get theirs, so I gotta get mine
Knowin' damn well the risks of doin' time
to run this city, was the master plan
Yo I breathed the Aves., the block, the streets like a diaphragm
Times have changed, but I still scrap for mine (MINE)
That's how I'm livin' on the Westside

That's how I'm livin' on the Westside (Westside)

on the West....side

To the funky-ass Westside (Westside, Westside...)

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