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Bring It Back Lyrics
Self made nigga (nigga) pulling out the phantom (phantom)
Lamborghini whippin' (whip it) haters can't stand em (stand em)
Hard in the paint (paint) I go in every time
I got carts in the paint of that joker Chevy ride
Ambassador of auto tune, eight-fifty king
Eight hundred and fifty niggas on my eight fifty T
I pissin' on pansies (pansies) ripping off the servants
I got shotgun lyrics I don't even need a permit
I'm a bad muthaf*cka (yeah) I know ya heard about it
And if I ain't did it I don't speak a word about it
That's foreal nigga (nigga)
You should follow the footsteps of my career nigga (nigga)
Yeah nigga (nigga)
I ain't seen too many artists that can get like me (get like me)
But they say that my shit is wack so my shit might be (shit might be)
But I'm still getting money sitting homes is bored
So if I ain't making good music then what's wrong with yours?
See me?

Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Holla at em

Paraplegic pimpin (pimpin) parking lot stumping (stumping)
Nuvo state po'ed up, words steady fumbling (fumbling)
Liquor store owner like "Thank you, come again" (come again)
Bout to hours after that (that) I'm drunk again (drunk again)
It's a lifestyle (style) and I'm commit to it (to it)
But I don't use light styles cause they don't fit me do they (do they)
Bombay (Bombay) they call me Mangum TP
Tallahassee, ridin down apple-latty!
Ask me, I'm a boss and my mind frame agrees with me (agrees with me)
If I ain't clicked up then I got two of these with me (these with me)
Four loco make a load of three ginnies (three ginnies)
Ridin' solo slow as sparkin a green Bentleys (Bentleys)
Bitch (bitch) this ain't no game that I'm playin
Understand what I'm sayin leave you layin in the sand
Keep my dick up out'cha mouth and do the sayin with my name
Chevy and them thangs swerving lanes and lanes

Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Ay, holla at em
Tay Dizm, WOOOO!

[Tay Dizm:]
I was born to be a winner living nappy you can see
Never speak unless I'm spoken too I'm quiet as can be
Stay focused stay in my zone, watching what's going on
Ha, I'm on my grown and classy shit
CEO Nappy Boy digital bitch
Talk to me (to me) I talk back
I'm feeling myself I'm in my zone
Pull up to the club for bitches I'm own
Check my car (my car) gators on the seat (my seat)
Cost about fifty grand to get like me (ha)
Boy I'm watching yes I is
Better be a close eye like two steels
See I'm a fool and Pain'll tell ya that
I been round with my niggas since spinning a cabs
Now we got the top back, back to back Bentley
Shawty got one seat are you coming with meeeeeeeee?
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