T-Pain - Buy You A Drink (Remix) Lyrics

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Buy You A Drink (Remix) Lyrics
[Stat Quo:]
Eh Girl I New You Were Specail
Armished In Chains
My Eyes Wanna Undress You
How You Screaming My Name
Picture Me Touching Your Frame
Your Body Wetter Then Ran
Casue The Nabouirs Thinkng Tomorrow Aint Hawt

Baby Girl
Whats Your Name
Let Me Talk To You
Let Me Buy You A Drink
Im T-Pain
You Know Me
Konvice Music
Every Boy Ow Wee
I Know The Cub Close At Three
Whats The Chances Of You Rolling With Me?
Back To My Crib Show You How I Live
Lets Get Drunk And Forget What We Did

Im A Buy You A Drink
Im Take You Home With Me
I Got Money In The Bank
Shawty What You Think Bout That
I Be In Tha Gray Cadalic
We In The Bed Like
Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow
We In The Bed Like
Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

Talk To Me
I Talk Back
Lets Talk Money
I Talk That
Crunk Juice Bar
Oldlend Shades
Shawty Got Class
Oh Behaive
Lets Get Gone
Walk It Out
Now Walk It Out
Just Like That
Thats What Im Talkibg Out
We Gonna Have Fun
You Gone See
Onappacho You Should Get Like Me


Lets Get Gone Walk It Out
Now Walk It Out
Think About It Aww
Now Rock Rock Rock Rock
You Can Do It All Buy Yourself [x2]

Maybe I Will
Maybe I Wont Do
Maybe You Can Be My Lady
Maybe Im Just Foolish
Maybe We Can Have A Baby
Im Being Stupied
But We Can Have I Good Time If You Let Me Burn Through It
I Do Mad Thong
Mad Like Con Louis
Im Big And Im Hot And Im Dark Brown Fluent Look
Im Trying To Take You To My Crib
Now Lets Do This
Its Sta Quo T-Pain Cha

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