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Change Lyrics
I'll do anything for you, For you I'll change the world.
No more wars, No more poverty, No more hurt, No more pain,
You showed me how to love you again. For you I change the world. Pain singing...

[Chorus: T-Pain]
If I could chaaange the world. Ooh... I would be the sunlight in your universe.
Ooh. You will think my love oh really something good baby. If I could chaaange [x2]
If I could change the world. The world [x3]

Ooh there would be no more wars opportunity knockin' on doors for us, for us.
Nobody ain't know each other. Fighters turning into lovers for us, for us.
Oooh when the moonlight turns to sunshine everybody waking up to a better dream
Uhuh Uhuh
Cause everybody need what they want but don't want want they need let's talk about yooouuuu.
Let's chaaaaaange.


Change to the world hey yayaya.

If I could change the world, I order for the line to be erased that the border this day (this day).
(everyone deserves an opportunity) there be no new world order if nobody wouldn't never got
Slaughtered that way (that way). That means so much more love and unity. daughters will be close to
Thy mothers sons are being raised by their fathers today (today). A good family ain't nothing greater. raise
Crimes hate crimes that never exist. I'll turn every bullet to a hershey's kiss (kiss) and we can eat away our fear (fear).


[Mary J. Blige:]
There would be no self hate. We will know how to love everything about ourselves so we can love everyone now.
Nothing would hold us down because we all walk around with a smile and never a frown and every move don't clown.
There'll be no more self-loadin everyone will know when their hearts that they just found and that's when the light's gonna shine .
Everyone will understand had it on a tip have some piece you must believe, believe the best in you (believe I can change)


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