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Cocky Lyrics
[Talking: DJ Khaled]
Yeh it's DJ Khaled
We arragante when it comes down to this music shit
Nigga we cocky!
We Global!
Pree Ringz!

Put some soul in it for me, dog [x2]
Let me clear my throat

I was born in Tallahassee, raised in my own world
Got my own son got a grown girl got my own
I don't own, man mothaf*cka that I probably know
I probably know, that mothaf*ckas to fill up Hollygrove
That old me, I'm a O.G. in the Old Game
But enough on me let's talk about who own Pain
Oh man, we goin be here for a whole day
Talking bout who started this artist shit it's way harder than it look
This autotune hook, I offered the book
And ya daughter goin be ship when she find out you getting on mo' Pain
F*ck what them hoes say, this what'cha dog saying
I'm Mr. Biggs ya bitch, I let my dog lay ya
All I do is spit and you stop, I'm like a dog sprayer
I stack paper like pancakes, I'm all layers
Baskin N Robbin ass niggas I got all flavors
I'm getting cocky like Wayne, somebody call Baby

My turn to talk shit mayne
Ain't holding back a mothaf*ckin thang
Alot of shit to say mayn
Pree Ringz
Nappy Boy
Tay Dizm
Oh Yeah
Young Cash
J Lyric
Y'all already know what it is mayn
Til the death
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