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T-Pain Lyrics

Danger Lyrics
(F.Y.R.E. Pain)
I ain't gotta tell ya on the track baby, yo
(Danger, danger) this shit is (danger, danger) this shit is
(Danger, danger, danger, danger)

I'm so spectacular I manufacture hits like hit factory
I'm on my shit so tell that bitch to get back from me
Mack black Cadillac's and G's
So many them hoes be running after me
We might need a limos worth the backseats
Cause all in my shotgun be ridin shotgun
For niggas that's looking at me wrong like a hot nun
It's obvious these dumb hoes don't get it yet
F*ckin around with Pain and get pwned on the internet
This shit I'm doing is illegal like three murders
So put'cha bread up I got beef like three burgers
Lick shots a make ya team jump like three hurdles
You niggas weird and slow and I'm smarter than Steve Urkel

Danger, danger, danger, danger

Yeah, they say that boy got the bar on his neck
Advertising for other niggas and they ain't got off of the check
Cause I ain't looking for no money I'm just cool like that
Na, na they don't teach you nothin in yo school like that
So these niggas mad cause I dropped out but I still got paid
And how I keep my face clean but I still got mace
How I unmanaged the dreads and how I get my braids
But I'm awesome, so you can't say that shit bout Pain

Danger, danger, danger, danger

I'm a keep it going like a marathon
A Merry-Go-Round if Merry make it too my room
Then Merry-Go-Down
Hold up slow down, I bet'cha know now
Old fashion show down with a new fashion 4-pound
Yeah, show some respect in this bitch
You getting stacks of money I get stacks of checks in this bitch
Nigga it's about to be a train wreck in this bitch
My niggas ready, that's why all of em sweating and shit
I got another group of niggas that'll make ya leave
Instead of putting on ya apron that's just make believe
Maybe it's all of this money, maybe the ice on my wrist
Maybe the Phantom outside, maybe it's Maybelline
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