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Don't Stop The Party Lyrics
[Intro: T-Pain]
Hello, welcome to Club Nappy Boy
Um, My name is Teddy, I'll be your waiter for the night
And uh, what can I get you?...
You know what, f*ck all that shit man
You fine as a mothaf*cka
Now I'm just try'na holla at cha baby, you know what I'm sayin?
This what I want'cha to do, I'm a go I'm a go to the bar
And I'm a put my iPod on to the, on to the system
And I just want'cha to groovin real quick, I'm a be right back hold on, play this hit right quick

Welcome to Club Nappy Boy man (Nappy Boy)
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha
Ay, ay Jarared can you hold me down for like fifteen minutes man, I need to go holla at this girl real quick man?...
Fo sho my nigga, ha, ha, ha (clapping)
Ay, Striaght up
Check it

I got bout three cups for me, and one cup for you
But I got grease of patrone and I got you some deuce
But I got Louie 13 and that blue Calgeen
But that, kinda depends on what moods you kind in
But it's all good vibes, good times, good living
T-Pain music, blacky mouse good liquor
Thinking how I should lick her, or maybe not
Cause soon as I wanna tell her, bet the music gone stop...
... Shots of patrone got me lifted
I'm smarter than I ever been, I'm gone but gifted
Every song that came on I ripped it
Every rap that sounded wack I ripped it
Now did it feel good when you took that
Shawty gave me the look, I gave her the look back
Damn, look at that
Is it that she feeling me?
Is it that she really wishes she can be an inity have kids with me?
But first we gotta finish thee drink

[talking: T-Pain]
It's the same one I got'chu
It's sitting right here on the bar
Ah, I see you already f*cked up
Keep drinking though

[Hook: Young Cash]
Now everybody put your hands up and let me say
(Don't Stop The Party)
And if you f*cked up
(Keep On Drinking)
Everybody put your hands up and let me say, let me say
(Please Tip The Bartender)
And if you f*cked up
(Keep On Drinking)

Take two up in the clubroom
You know how us do
You know how we does
Don't care that we cous'
It's stringerly liquor, we ridiciously, oblivious to that shit
And the smell bout to sick of me, EWW
Obviously she be feeling my skills
And my brian keep on telling me to get her I will
But if I get the brain my dick will make me bust it a grill
But my eyes telling me to just chill
I must be drunk as hell!

[talking: T-Pain]
Ah, I mean what'cha doin liking ah?...
Ah, baby I don't know what to say to you, you just fine as hell
Ah, shit

[Hook: Young Cash]
Now everybody put'cha hands up and let me say
(Don't Stop The Party)
And if you drunk as f*ck
(Keep On Drinking)
Now everybody put'cha hands up and let me say
(Please Tip The Bartender)
And if you f*cked up
(Keep On Drinking)

[talking: T-Pain]
I'm try'na say lil momma
This is all I want'cha to do: Put your drink down,
Pick it back up
Drink it
Put it back down
Pick it up again
Drink it some more
Put it down on the bar
Slide it cross the bar
Tell somebody to pass you your drink back
Pick it up again
Put it in my mouth
I'm a take a sip of it
Put it back down
I want you to pick it back up
Then you take a sip of it
And both of us drunk as f*ck
And the first person that just slid for the first time
Let's go

Just slide with me baby, knahsayin?
Fly on the clouds, knahsayin like
We can go G5
Well it's really G3
But I ain't try'na brag on you knahsayin, I do have a airplane
I just don't talk about being on them, cause I got one
22 cars you can't fail with that baby, you know what I 'm sayin?
I'm just sayin, let's fly drunk, let's drive drunk, let's be drunk

In your face!
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