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Dope Lyrics
Ok (yea)... pizzle (yea) I'm just gettin ya'll ready for the new album mang, here we go here we go here we go,
(yea) how many ladies wanna spend a million dollars, in the vip section with a couple of the models (yea) we pop bottles, henny in full throttle, if you do shawty shawty follow meee (yea)
How many hataz wanna hate on the kid, put in a bid, well get in line cause I'd already done did what you did, but if you don't got no money then take your broke ass home, other wise nigga don't bother mee (yea)
See I ain't got time for your bickerin n bitchin, throw snitches, and them incisions will get inserted into your fibus, step in them choppa citys, you bound to get into buisness, so really if you hard I'm a see (yea)
See I ain't finnished high school, I dropped out of middle school, and now all I did was grow a beard, now I'm really cool, I'm super silly dude, so you really have no idea how f*ckin stupid I'm a be (yea)

Dope... Dope... Dope... Dope... Let's go again...

Phantom drops and ferraris, lambourgini's are hardly satisfactory, I'm tighter then your ed hardys, so don't bombarder me, or else I'm cloggin arteries from my 9 milli mee (yea)
22's on my golf cart look spec-cial, make niggas feel like less of a man, like one test-ti-cal... most niggas in your hood confederal-e, if you locked up then I think we both can agree, (yea)
See that's my side job, I make dominican bitches with five stars drive me round in my cars, the numba one jive artist, I even talked to barry wise, but was high as a double beam...
So put your hands up, and put you knees down, I throw some D's on it, then they throw them jeans round, laner laner I'm on higway 120 eastbound, got your girl ridin with mee (yea)

Dope, dope, dope, dope, Ladies and Gentlemen I wanna introduce ya'll to, the newest member of the nappy boy fam, HoLLer at em Girl...

... Shawnna... It ain't no secret, that lyrically I'm so beezy, nappy boy had to put me on they team, cause every time I get up in the booth, I just verbally spit the truth, now you bitches about to see just what I mean,
So stop askin questions, I'm tired of takin suggestions, round here the first lession is for free, the second you gonna prolly have to pay me, my flows so awesome it's crazy, bout to take ova this whole industry,
Wait... yea I've been missin while ya'll been hatin & dissin, I've been sittin in my kitchen cookin dreams, and now I'm about to live it to the fullest, I'm numba one with a bullet, if he fine tell him PaPi Ven aqui',
Ayy I'm soo official, come wipe me down with a tissue, I'm the shit and I just wish that you would agree, but while you keep on actin like you know me, I battle - rap with my homie, and I'll only represent that NB,

Dope... yea boy... dope... this how we do it in Nappy boy nigga, Dope... ayyyy Dope I'm a let you remember this time shorty, Dope just cause I luv ya... Dope... now let the horse play...

Dope ayyy Dope ya dope, Let's take it out right, Dope NaPPY Boy Now let the Horse play dope NaPPY Boy let the horse play...
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