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Every Girl (Remix) Lyrics
Nappy boy entertainment,
I can't explain it yeah,
Shout out to young money,
Young mula baby,
Watch out for T-Wayne he rap he sing,
Hey, let's go, let's go,

What's happening ladies, (hey babe)
I'm in the building,
Ready to give every last one of ya'll the feeling,
I heard there's some cavities that might need some filling,
And I stack a hundred dolla bills that might need some peeling (ballin)
Well it's young cash and Tay Dizm and you know who I am,
We need nobody out of line please stay in single file now,
Everybody named Cinnamin and Destiny step forward,
5, 50, 15, 20 yeah I'm a need more wads,
All the Asian girls come with me
Cause we gonna make our Geisha girls,
Cause if we didn't it a be a waste of Asian girls,
Please stay patient girls,
I'm gonna be with you uno momento por favour,
Just remember no like doors and I,
Strip club Obama, President Teddy P
Nappy Boys got all hundreds and I got the change we need,
So at the end of my party they thinking 10 because I made every girl in the world do the stanky leg,

Cause' we like her
And we like her too
And we like her
And we like her too
And we like her
And we like her too
And we like her
And she like us too

I wish I could f*ck every girl in the world
I wish I could f*ck every girl in the world
I wish I could f*ck every girl in the world

[Young Cash:]
Wassup shorty,
Nah I ain't gon make it rain hoes,
Rich niggas mad because I f*ck the same hoes,
Been on the block all week in the same clothes,
... like the players you see me in the same rows,
If you got game then trust me money mean nothing man,
Just got my dick suck in the bathroom through my [? ],
I feel you Wayne I like the red light Cincinnati
I ate the bitch pussy once and now she call me daddy,
She be like Cash f*ck me slow don't bang through it,
I said whatever you want, I even sing to it,
Oooh this pussy so good,
Shorty keep telling me it get better and better,
Ooooh this pussy so wet
Shorty keep telling me it get wetter and wetter,
You never heard a gangsta sing it turned you on didn't it,
Now where the [? ] let me hit it


[Tay Dizm:]
Yeah ay, yeah ayy,
Ay nappy boy and young mula
We done teamed up,
And every bad bitch in the world want me to beam em up,
Hey bring your friends and all of y'all can fit up in this truck,
And girls only tell your homeboy he out of luck,
My dream girl that's how I feel when I'm with ya,
Yes I wish she could f*ck every girl in the World,
They already know about me,
Give em to them good screaming oooh weee,


[Travis McCoy:]
I mean really what's left to say,
It's Travie,
I got a rubbercrom[? ] complex,
Travie like em super thick,
Your boyfirend got dat Clark Kent,
Travie got that super dick,
And we gonna need like seven or eight bottles,
Smashing everything from real housewives to fake models
I got eight chicks upstate,
I call em my octo mommies,
Four on each arm,
And that's why it's never hard to spot me,
Ain't got time for the type of chick who, who
Got baby daddy issues,
To the point you feel sad and misused,
Save this story for Maury you can have these tissues,
Oooh she said travie travie,
You put me back in the position that you had me, had me,
And Pain say shorty shorty shorty,
Look at that boy feet why wouldn't you let him be,
Dick game ferocious but it's nothing that you should fear,
Yeah I'm a nappy boy I just got that good hair,

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