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Exclusive Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Ever since she saw you in my bedroom
Watching over me as I slept
Damn my nigga I missed you to death, yeah
And it came to a point where I couldn't hear it
But I know she don't see nothing but them good spirits
Only the good die young and not the whole squad you was a good guy huh
And if I was there I would've took them shots
You ain't even the kind of nigga that would get shot
Exclusive Jay, Jimmy, people open up your ears hear me
Ain't nothing worth more than a life in this world
What the f*ck we was supposed to tell this man's wife and lil girl
You was a real nigga, real shit
Why niggas gotta kill niggas just to steal shit
That man's mama gonna never get her son back
But what goes around comes back

[Verse 2:]
DJ I'm wishing RIP still for return if possible
Couldn't go to the funeral cause I couldn't see you in the coffin bro
My last image of you, you posting in your new chevy
Camaro bit really smoke in it but you would let me
Oh my God swear to God your daughter's your spitting image
When your daughter met my daughter what a wonderful feeling
As long as the good Lord ables me to get money
Put it on my daughters your daughter will never go hungry
They say they could die young if that's not false
And that explains why my homeboy's life's lost
'Cause he was a good nigga f*ck ceremony
Rest in peace to Trevor Martin but my nigga wasn't a hood nigga
No he didn't deserve no bullets in him
I thought he was gonna live a bright hall
Them pussy could've killed him
Instead they took your life along with your sneaks
Devil U I P went in peace

[Verse 3:]
Lord forgive me but why you doin' this again
You just took my big brother when I was in the pen
But how much pain can a grown man take
But I gotta keep pushing 'cause God don't make mistakes (never)
The doctors told me you was gone and I couldn't believe it
Your vital laying down but your soul in with Jesus
I'm on my hole in your grind telling me come back
I told her let go 'cause wherever you are you got my back
I almost lost it when I seen that herse at the church
Shit hurt I can barely get through this verse
And I ain't rich but me and you know I ain't paper chasing
So I'm a try my best to make so that your daughters grace so
We saw the vision for the win squad together nigga
I guess it kinda drove you from heaven was better nigga
Jimmy me and you will always be your mort decoy
And wash the blood of my enemies off my hands

[Verse 4:]
Tears coming down my eyes wishing for better days
Exclusive Jay I know you in a better place
Never will be forgotten as long as I'm alive
You was a good dude in everybody eyes
Always on the grind you hussle hard
My prayers go out to your family from my heart
Thank you for being a friend thank you for being my brother
And I'm a do my best to look out for your daughter
No more pain God get the devil off me, and let me be free
All this stress is a mess that I don't need
Hunger games do your best or you don't eat
And my dog gonna be forever winning
So that mean your life ain't never ending
So I know I got 'em when I need 'em
Tell Jesus I see him when I see him
Praise God yeah
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