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Fire Lyrics


More fire, burn through your clothes
I get more, higher, burn by the old
Hustler's get flyer, burst for the low
Hop up on top
Oh missy oh
(Oh oh missy oh)
You never knew what taste good
Bread for the head, you know that face good
I keep my face clean
Well it look like missy on the verse good
On the hook right
What I'm doin now is so ridiculous
And what I'm giving you in the rendition is
Classy missy Elliot, missy misdemeanor
How would you feel if I get deeper like
Wetter than aquafina believers like
Maybe foam when it's on then it's on like
Comparison is water to patron like

[Chorus: T-Pain]
The feeling that I'm giving you is not a test
Everybody that say they doing it is not the best
It's simple and plain I can get to you man
It's not a game it's just missy and pain

Motherf*cker I'm I'll
For real
For real
For real
Now break it down


Motherf*cker I'm I'll
Matter of fact I need to take a pill
All these hits paying hospital bills
All these lips I know you wanna kiss for reals
I should let you wear my ice so you can chill
I would make a lil but I just made a mil
Only hold me to the mike and I won't let it spill
Yeah, see my grill?
No, not my teeth, it's the grill on the Cadillac I bought last week
They say missy don't play missy missy don't play
Makin cheese all day like Frito lay
I am hip hop sister mister
He handed me the mike I won't let go till I got blisters
Misdemeanor but my flow have gotten meaner
It's a it's a it's a felony ch check out my melody
Missy got the recipe
I can autotune like
T-pain zoom I be in the latest

[Chorus: T-Pain]
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