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Have It (Interlude) Lyrics
Ladies and gentlemen
You are now in tuned to what unknown buffoon
With enough room in he's tomb to blow your mind like "Boom"
Then you assume, that I have done something wrong in my life
But at the same time I'm gonna try to describe the vibe of the world through my eyes
And maybe you won't despise me or try to deprive me of the respect that I need (oh, I see)
You don't know that the nigga Motor just blow and I'm walking by myself
Talking to myself up and down the streets when both my feet is in old shoes
And all these old dudes talking 'bout "oh, it aint that bad, I walked through the snow in school"
Bitch we live in Tallahassee a place were it never snows but it rains on Pain 'cause
Faheem can't take it
My head is a mail box and it's full and I don't want to check it
I wanna buy a whole damn car just to wreck it
'Cause this f*cked nigga told my wife I got two other girls pregnant
Now you think I'm gon' change 'cause my wife cries all night
And I'm not the quite husband type, you're damn right
'Cause I've been living my whole damn life without my damn mic
And my damn light beer doin'
One day I might see you in a fi-fight with you I can take you...life in two ways
A heart way and bad way, 'cause if I have a bad day then you may not make it to the Youngbloodz concert
Ladies and gentlemen I'm sorry if I'm losing you but I'm just sick and tired of trying to get my
So, don't come to me with your 23's with that fake ass smile
Smoking on your black-n-mile 'cause all the while
I know what you're saying in your head
This nigga go stronger than me, longer than me but he gon' never be shit
'Cause everything belonging to me
See I refuse to be abuse and misused and accused of not paying my dues
I'm not a crack addict but if you want everything I got you gon' get it
'Cause Im'a let your ass have it
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