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Have It Lyrics
[Two guys talking then one of them asks for a gun so he can plan to get T-Pain]

It was December 6 Times Square Manhattan
Teddy wasn't ready for what was about to happen
He thought today was goin be a good day
He thought that every man in the world looked at life in a good way
Woke up and took a shower brushed his teeth while he singing
Somebody was talking bout him cause his ears was ringing
Thinking, he finally made it
Doing something that'chu didn't need good grades in
Housekeeping came in say "do you want me to clean your room? " He said "naw"
But as I feel shawty I clean for you but I'm cool
So he went downstairs
Put the white shades on and let down his hair
Cause he was big but he didn't know
People did dig him though when he dress like he did in that E-40 video
Huh, it's time to hit the radio station
It's all he been wanting he been patiently waiting
Yeah, plus he was bugging out
Cause the next day his very first album Rappa Ternt Sanga was coming out
Damn, he was so exuberant
Half fame and didn't know what to do with it
He went and got a fresh fit from Belly Bone
Black T-shirt prokeheads New York fitted on
Ready to get it on
He so crunk and reckless
And Brianna called it said it dumb with the necklace
Now he walking New York gym up
Ready to hit the club later on and go get bin up
Cause at 12 O'clock it's bout to be on
All that first album nervousness he had was about to be gone
And he ain't need a stunna kit
Just his cause cap with the letters NYPD on the front of it
Cause he ain't never seen it, he ain't believe it
He thought he never seen it if it wasn't on TV and shit
Now he finally got a lil bread
Seven dollars out his pocket police hat up on his head
Errbody giving em salty looks now
Errbody try to insult and put him down
But it went in the left and out the right
All he know is nigga we going out tonight
Then the sun goes down and the moon comes up
The blunts go round errbody getting drunk
Ready to hit the club get on stage snatch a mic or two
Three single under my belt
I feel like I can do anything
Let's go and get the chain from Game
I got visions of letting that bitch hang from the stage
Hit the Diamond District, and what a sight
It's a T-Pain chain that'll light up the night
Now I'm happy than a mug the chain big as a bitch
I done finally made the switch from fake to real shit
And I ain't have to work to hard
I got a baby girl but I ain't have to work two jobs
I'm just doing what I believe in and show em respect
Now I'm bout to put somebody's salary around my neck
But Game told me not to take it out there
The rogues ass niggas a take it out there
But shit niggas I got security
Ain't nobody taking my jewelry

[Two of the guys talking as one plans to rob T-Pain]

Take two
Walk out the [?] store with a mean mug
Team tough TP clean up with his brand new ice
Can't tell her nothing like Yeezy
Please believe be easy and yeen ain't gotta ask him twice
Cause you can see how good he feel good as he walked in the spot
Seem like he was the only one that knew he was hot
But he had the biggest chain on so he ain't give a f*ck
Just give him a bottle and a muhf*ckin' cup
Drink and celebrating his album droppin
Not knowing niggas in the club was plottin
So we kept on shinin, blinding muhf*ckas
Letting niggas know that he was high as a muhf*cka
Flossin, put his chain up in the air
If a nigga couldn't see it Pain stood up in the chair
Now niggas is getting mad and they want what he got
Shit nigga thinking he ballin he thinking he hot
Like that shit he disrespected my CD son
I'll lay his ass down if he try me I get em done
Errbody shaking his hand wishing him luck
He don't know I'm bout to f*ck his ass up
Watch this son check this shit out

[Guy thanks T-Pain for the album release then snatches his chain as crowd screams]
[Two guys talking until song fades]
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