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Hit Em Wit It Lyrics
Young Track
Uhh, ooh
Yasimelike, leggo
Boom, ha ha

Rockstar mentality
I'm too real can you deal with reality?
Hoes running after me
Cause you ain't have to admit I am so your bitch f*ck half of me
Yeah, we go nuts like SU's
And niggas hating cause the speakers bigger than Shaq's shoes
We act fools, you know we pack tools
We don't fit the description it's just a bunch of black dudes
So back down, okay, okay
I don't f*ck around, no way
Bring the trouble to your town and I know you hear the sound
I be grindin' nigga I ain't went to sleep in four days
Going ham is what I specialize in
Bugatti is all that I ride in
Ain't no need for that violence
But if it is I leave a nigga neck crooked like a violin

Somebody goin get it
Summited young track
(Hit em with it)

I take my shirt off and all the hoes just scream
I thank I'm Juiceman rocking all 6 Rings
Pull up on your board with the trunk just beating
Like what is 2-10's compared to 4-15's
Jewelry all black, charm is canary
My ring finger blinking like I'm getting married
Neck full of chumps, arm full of karats
Got my shit on every Tom Dick and Harry
When I hit the club you know that they goin grill
So I mash out on sumthing I know that they goin feel
I'm swagged out it's nothing I know that I'm goin drill
Cause my bankrollers like park over ya own wheels
Wanna be down like a flat tire blow
Gotta have mouth like a dragon, fire blow
And it's a rap for you lames, gyro
I'm going out with a bang, pyro

Who is that? [x3]
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