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T-Pain Lyrics

I Know Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
How many days I'm gon' wait
How long I'm gon' wait before you say we gon' date
When you gon' take debate
'cause if you don't take it I bet another girl will
Drop that lame nigga
Come and get with somethin' real, I'll
Pressure points get touched when I walk by
And I ain't interested in what that nigga talkin bout
So let's not talk bout him
Wassup with us
And wassup with you getting on that Nappy Boy bus, trust
Me won't a damn thing go wrong
I'm too right and tonight we listenin' to slow songs
Them other hoes gone
I did away with 'em
Call that nigga
Tell him you don't think you gon' stay with 'em
Just tell him what it is
Tell him you found a new nigga with a bunch of whips
And a black card
And I side girl
Now give me the phone [ring ring] (hello)
Yea, boy that's my girl

I know that you want me
And you know I want you too
So baby stop trippin
And let's get missin'

You say you with your homegirl
Baby you can bring her too
It don't make a difference
You f***in with a pimpin
(Ay, that's what it is baby)

[Verse 2:]
Seven-two drop-vert impala.paint job clean on 28'' choppas. holla. stop being a slave, you my lil mama. now... and I'm a throw a hundered thousand dollas down. and u can pick it up and go out.if he ain't know he was stupid, girl... I bet he know now. cause you never know what you have until that bitch leave. but you keep sayin he was a good man... bitch please.hes... not even in the bracet of my price range.he livin dull . I'll take you back to the ice age. how let him run this show when this is my stage? I wrote the book to this shit. come get on my page. cause you deserve betta. he just a lame ass. one of them niggas that get tired of the same ass. but I can really chill. and I ain't just talkin when I say I'd do this shit for you cause babygirl I really will.
Damn... uh... damn... damn... nigga didn't even know what he had (to bad) Yeah boy, that's my girl.

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