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I'm Just Sayin Lyrics
Simelike (simelike)
Okay (okay)
Yuh (whoo)
Nappy Boy!
Who dat?
Young Fyre drop fire (drop fire)
Teddy Pain man
(Who else?)
A.K.A. Tetris Somalis slam dunking on the top of yo head
And when they gone I be f*ckin on the top of yo bed
(But she wanna f*ck up the mattress instead)
And that's why when you come home and don't be nothing on the top of yo bed
Yo litte lady cut a rug for me
The thugs love me but ladies love me mo they drop it in the club for me
Uh-huh honey, you ain't getting my honey bun
I bust a nut in that eye see where I'm coming from
Stupid dumb flow niggas get hyphy to it
Shaking they dreads and scuffing up they Nike's to it
Yeen ain't gotta tell me yo nigga don't like me do he
But if he step to us, ahh that might be stupid
I'm killing movie scenes when I'm in it
Still known as a Tallahassee king, simmy
You are now witnessing the beginning of my fame
Now a whole damn world bout to know T-Pain
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