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Intro Lyrics
[Talking: DJ Khaled]
Yeh it's DJ Khaled globe data
We Global
This the Pree Ringz
This the mixtape
This T-Gasoline
Let's Go!

[rapping: T-Pain]
Once again I returned
Most niggas ain't as fake me back so soon
They put me in the mix I had to up the protunes
That's what I had to do
Too many doctor Carl ass niggas I had to call the Go-Go gadget Goons
I said it before my niggas tight
I make the Carter night and have them put'cha head on the floor
My fans begging for more
White kids in my neighborhood like "wow dad this Carlex's way better than yours"
(Wo-wo) hit the button open up the garage doors
Old school's pretty like the Dipposs boys
I'm the new edition
So bitch get in ya seat before I make them Backstreets boys come out N'sync

[talking: DJ Khaled]
Yeh man this the Pree Ringz
This the warning man
This T-Pain
AKA Gasoline
Light y'all niggas on fire!

[rapping: T-Pain]
They say I walk around with a E and B on my chest
That's because hoes walk around like E and B is the best
E and B is the truth
And I got government mothaf*ckas like "Everybody Down" T-P's in the booth
Okay, these wack niggas under arrest
I'm too fly literally I be up in a jet
Catch me with'cha girl coming from up under her chest
And make her sneek a nine in the club under her breast
You never seen raw skins I'm the raw deal
You got some better than Pain, nigga I'm all is
Sixteen chains on one man
I posse for the picture to hold em all up with one hand
My other hand's occupied in my nuts
Let my chains go and make a hands sit on a butt
Then I take my other hand and let it sit on a boob
And drank gin with that bitch like I'm Devin The Dude
Now how fed up is you, you following off to a nigga
That smoke too many blacks and drank way to many liquor
Nappy Representna
Somebody stop me soon
Before I found out how much it cost to go up to the moon

[talking: DJ Khaled]
Ayyo, check this out man
Get ready for Pree Ringz album coming soon (NAPPY BOOYYY)
This the Pree Ringz on y'all mothaf*ckas
This is DJ Khaled

[talking: T-Pain]
This what this is mayn
It's Pree Ringz mayn
Welcome to the mixtape dawg
You already know what this is mayn
I'm a holla at cha boy
All my niggas, Tay Diz, Young Cash, J Lyric, Sofia Fresh, DJ Lil Boy
You know what I'm sayin?
Exculsive Jay, Marco Marl, y'all already know what this is mayn
Ay Chris DJ's put new rappers together
It's going down like this mayn
Pree Ringz
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