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Keep It Comin Lyrics
(Clears throat)
(Clears throat)
Hey... hey... hey... hey...
Take it off
Yeah... yeah... yeah... yeah... yeah

Mister incredible, mister inedible
Mister make-another-fella-go-hella-broke
So petiful
Mister go-hard-go-silly-go-everythang
I am mister thunderstorm you mister make-it-never-rain
I move on the better thangs
That's why I'm rich
I'm married to my money you'll never f*ck with my bitch
And if I switch and start making shit wack
I make sure that my dick is on the track
And I'm a have to keep it coming

You know me so when them OG's
Told me to go street oh please
Man I gotta keep it coming
Yeah I gotta keep them drummer boys drummin'
The trap boy gunnin' for the money
So we gotta keep it coming
In my click don't take no shit
The whole game is a pussy and I'm rubbing on that click
So keep it coming
For the hood and the niggas that's in it
Just give me one muthaf*ckin' minute
And I bet I keep it coming

Yay... yeeahh
Man I gotta keep it coming
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