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Open Lyrics
Uh (uh)
Uh (uh)
I got her open like a soda can
And can't nobody get her back clothes
Making plans sneaking in and out of backdoors
Holding hands and everybody in the back knows
Something's going on but they keep they trap close
Keep it simple in ways we never thought of
And all the feelings from the beginning finally done caught up
And in our conversations the feelings never get brought up
We sit and talk about getting riches, tearing the mall up
But in the end it's sweet nothing's that I'm whispering
Cause she get quiet every time before we get it in
Pull out the CoverSutra
We on the California king-size bed possibilities are limitless
So Benasis you can really say I love her
Or maybe more in love with that thang that's under the cover
And mistletoe on Christmas is the only thing above her
And I can guarantee that when she gone I'm thinking of her like

Where did you go? (yeah)
How did you know? (yeah)
I was in love, you was like (yeah)
And I was like (yeah)
And we was like (yeah)
So within what we suppose to (yeah)
And now I'm glad that I know you (yeah)
Shawty you make me wanna sing
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