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Reborn Lyrics
[talking: T-Pain]
Wooh (birds chirping)
Such a beautiful day in the neighborhood
Never knew it could be such a... a bright and sunny day...
Till I put my chain on...
And then the watch...

[DJ Khaled:]
This the Pree Ringz!
This Nappy Boy, bitch! (NAPPY BOOYYY)
(Pree Ringz, homie)
It's Nappy Boy!
(You never knew it could happen like this, mayn)
Talk to em!
Let's Go!

Aye, aye, aye
Let a nigga sound nice on the track (track)
Let the chain around put the ice on the back (back)
Flip it back around put the ice on my chest (chest)
Ye ain't gotta ask do I rep my set... YES
Ye ain't gotta ask that bitch do you wanna have sex... YES
Ye ain't gotta ask Teddy Pain what he coming up with next... JEST
Sit back relax, and let a nigga do his S.H.I.T.
And I'm not cocky, but alot of niggas wouldn't have careers without me
So nigga don't doubt me, I gotta crib full of niggas that a take you down
And all they goin do with them coppers come through and they say 'Pain wasn't even around'
How many niggas wanna test what I got (got)
You goin think it's a lightness storm when the mic is on (mic is on)
Ya bitch might get hard with a nigga with a dick thicker than a Mike Tyson's arms (Tyson's arm)
I'm feeling kinda classy today, let me take the ice watch off put the righten on (righten on)
But I'm feeling really nasty today, I got a cup of that patron and I'm slightly gone (slightly gone)
So I zoom by these niggas in my Lamborghini, I don't give a f*ck what knid of bike he on (bike he on)
He really don't know what I got up under the trunk, somebody better get a sidekicks on (sidekicks on)
Somebody go and get two toilets a new asshole just might get torn (might get torn)
Teddy Pain I'm out this bitch, a new star just has be Reborn
(flashing cameras)
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