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Runaway Love Remix Lyrics
[Chorus: Girl's Voice]
Runaway Love [x14]

She's single and the first time
Oooooooooo this is the worst time
Cus' she's only 17 and she got to have a BABY!
Oooooooooo here comes the hurt time
Doctor and the nurse time
Should she keep it?
Yes, no, MAYBE?
She don't know what to do...
She don't know what to say...
Cus her momma won't listen
Her daddy gets mentioned like everyday
She went ahead and did it
But she wish she never had
She gave birth to a 9-pound, 6-ounce, brown-eyed plastic bag
She was a runaway love

[Chorus: Girl's Voice]
Runaway Love [x8]

He was a real heavy smoker
Shit, all his friends was
They had a friendship that wouldn't break
A bond that wouldn't cut
He was always ready to hit it
Homeboy wouldn't admit it
But he was sprung on that shit
The closer he came the weaker he got to back it up
Didn't know what he was doing
Didn't know who he was hurtin
'Til his son and his daughter come smokin' by the tree in the backyard
They went and told they momma
She said that's something we don't need
She said it's either your family or that D (Alright)

[Chorus: Girl's Voice]
Runaway Love [x8]

This wasn't puppy love
This was a whole 'nother thing
And they only was together
Because their parents were the same
They didn't approve at all
Didn't care what they said
All this long while... they makin plans in their heads
He said "baby will you marry me? "
He started pullin' on her skirt
She said "boy you know I want to
My parents don't want me to want you
How will it work? "
He said "don't worry 'bout it!
You know I got you baby! "
3'o clock that mornin'

[Cell phone rings]
"Hello? "
"Baby-wake up; we gotta go"
"What are we doing? "
"C'mon we gotta go. Pack your bags"
"Okay baby"
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