T-Pain - So Much Pain Lyrics

T-Pain Lyrics

So Much Pain Lyrics
Man I got way to many calls
To let the hatin' get to me,
Especially when I know you ain't gone
Bring the shit to me,
So on and so forth,
I'm so on and so forceful,
Young fire kick drums,
Leave a print of a horse shoe,
Everywhere I go my shit getting played cause,
I ain't in the hood,
Cause I stay in the Rave clubs,
Keep using them big words that I don't understand,
I take it as disrespect then turn your face to a cave cause,
Now that's stupid from a compo aspect,
But so is rollin up weed in my published sen cheques,
You don't think nappy boy is the clique,
Or t-pain is the shit,
You must be snorting on some f*cking anthrax,
Now that's old school white shit,
My tongue wearing skinny jeans,
My flow on that tight shit,
Love from a nigga is the only thing I might get,
Everything else I got if not I'll buy it, now try this...
I surrounded by so much hate,
Ain't gone let another take my place,
I'm sick and tired of all these lies,
Ya'll niggers ain't felt no pain...
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