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Speech Lyrics
Young Fyre
Over the guts
Let's go in brah

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
Suicide doors, naw that was last year
Got suicide hoes butt-naked under my cashmere
Drinking full throttle, pulling half a gear
Two-wheel drive on these niggas, Cavalier
Wait till I crank it up, wait till I spazz hard
They ain't nobody goin accept ya like a MasterCard
Now ain't that bizarre, you say you from the hood
But nobody believe you so you try to pour the basket guard
Naw that shit don't work in this society
The game got potential but it's lacking the variety
Fans getting bored they don't even wanna buy CD's
Nigglas ain't selling so they blaming it on piracy
Argh! I'm too hard for the club seats
UFC submission hole I get em off me
The niggas in Tallahassee saying I'm off Glee
But the hoes say I'm sick, cough sneeze

[Talking: Birdman]
Yeah, Birdman you already know
You understand me?
YMCMB all day everyday
All we do is get money like we do it
Grind hard hustle 24 hours ain't no sleep when we do this shit
Ain't no care about sleeping
Ain't no clubbing cause we bring that to the studio
Ya understand me?
Just manifesting this game, getting mo money than niggas ever been

[Verse 2: T-Pain]
Billions for my thoughts, dollars for my words
Hundred for the hook, one fifty for the verse
Cause bitch I got kids and they want Louis Vutton shit
And the Gucci wallet to carry crayons in
So discount's is the thing of the past
So is CEO's try'na put a thing on my ass
These record labels mad cause they know they can't get me
Cause I don't do threesomes, you can't f*ck with me
Nappy Boy ooh wee that's the trademark
And this year I just plan on pulling my face card
Niggas constrating on keeping they face hard
But I'm a f*ck around and take away they face guard
Until then I'm a keep delivering hits out
And keep on playing stupid till niggas figure my shit out
I can't speak on the bus but when the word finally get out
I'll fill a swimming pool with the soda niggas a spit out

[Talking: Birdman]
Ya understand me, lots full of whips
Bottles and bitches
Ya understand me pocket full of money
Ya understand me G4's and hoes nigga this how we living
Out on the grind all day every muthaf*ckin day
We hang out the helicopter doin fly-by's niggas
Ya understand me over the pacific
Ya understand me big money see we don't stop
Bang let's get it baby
YMCMB all muthaf*cking day

[Verse 3: T-Pain]
Last but not least I'm too cold to have hot rhymes
Jamaican bitches in my room doing the hot wine
Winning at all cost
Even if my niggas hit your Beenie Man with this Lady Sawed off
Ha ha, feel the rhythm of the beat bitch
Nappy Boy, the new Miami Heat bitch
Young Frizzle, he done turned on the heat switch
Walk up out of the mansion right up on to the beach, beeatch
Ye ain't never seen another Pain
32 cars you niggas stay in the other lane
Steve Jobs on these broke niggas
Take a good hard look at the motherf*ckin boat, nigga!
Shit, the rap game being burglarized
Check my certificate you can see that I'm certified
So they won't see it coming when the track hit em
And then I dipped twice, baptism

[Talking: Birdman]
Nigga that's what's happening
Moula crazy
Yeah, blah, blah
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