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Time To Make Love Lyrics
Excuse-me shorty was lookin (looookin)
Diggin the way that Tapitona had u jookin (jookin)
But I aint tryin to be ru-u-u-ude (ruuude)
Go n do what u dooo (dooooo)
(But I) couldn't help but notice ur body (body)
Swingin it hard but int dancing wit nobody (body)
So I came ova to seeee (seee)
Would u mind dancing wit meeee (meee)
(And why) Is you suckin up dez club juices?(juices)
Come ride wit me, we can ride on a dub deuces (deuces)
I live Right off of Ridge Road (roooad)
I can show u the studio-o-o-o (oooo)
(Plus I) can give u love u neva knew about
That's why I can understand how u can do without
But c I'm, not telin lies, u fine, u a dime, cant get u outta my mind

[Chorus: x2]
Girl its time to make love
Sumthin that u neva done before
C dem, other kind of bruthas jus gon treat u like a hoe but I wooooont
U gotta believe me I int tellin no lies girl
Layback n enjoy girl its time to make love

Baby girl I said I love ya (love ya)
All I want in dis world is ur love and to hold ya
I don't care what the people say about
About my long distance relationship outta town
But girl ur the stars in my sky
Girl u stole my heart and I cant even lie
I appreciate u for changing my world
N I promise dat I be wit u forever n ever
And I know dat ur mumma don't trust me
And she hates when u tell her that u love me
But u no dat its gonna be alright
Coz it all from my heart and it takes time
But girl ur the star in my sky
Girl u stole my heart n I cant even lie
But c I not tellin lies u fine, u a dime, cant get u outta my mind
Girl its time to make love

[Chorus x2]

Its about that time baby
look up in da sky and u will c me in da light that shines brighta den da headlights on a cd
But we be way more serious than boyfriend and girlfriend
U got my head spinnin like a whirlwind
Shorty, I no I made some mistakes but I can
Make it up by givin u this weddin cake and I know
It aint no need to push and shuv
Hold a grud
The man above will let us kiss n hug
Cuz baby..

[Chorus x2]
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