T-Pain - Welcome Home Lyrics

T-Pain Lyrics

Welcome Home Lyrics
[Verse 1: T-Pain]
And that was Prevolver ladies and gentleman
Thank you for listening; now I must get it in
I can't leave rap alone I'm not finished bitch
These cudos try to take away my spinach shit
But my New York niggaz steady tell me get it kid
You know I'm with it kid
Put in my blood and sweat for you
Now I'm holly and debt for you
Got mad respect for you
And if you can't respect that
I'm Charlie Murphy on these niggaz 'take this check back'
Robbin' niggaz faces like I'm 303
Beautiful girls around the world like I'm B.O.B
Dope lyrics come out my mouth come hear a kilo speak
I guarantee I lay it down like I'm Ceelo Green
But I'm a star now
32 cars now
Bugott's and Lamborghini's pull that double R out
The legacy will start now
I wish you could see me
I'm in this muthaf*ckin' booth pouring my heart out (Hey)

[Hook: x2]
If this ain't where I'm supposed to be
Somebody show me how to get there
Uh, I be rappin' I be trappin' I'm what's happa-neen'
We ain't dinger rapping R&B singer T

[Verse 2: Krizz Kalino]
I travelled the world
All on top of your girl
I'm winning anyway
Kali baby
Na, na I shoulda been here a long time ago
Somebody told me I wouldn't make it with ventilator on my face
I'm survival with the grace of God and Tech N9ne
The way I doodle on the paper Google me and check mine
I'm not finished with this by damn far
I had to pause a minute tell a bitch get in the damn car
Keep my mind on my money says my grandpa
Been gunnin for the stars and try'na be right where the fans are
It's gonna take a miracle, this journey's been too difficult
Get my money gotta live it up a life is pitiful
But eat and sleep and shit ain't right before Biggie and Tupac
I piggy bag off niggaz so my piggy bank is real fat
Now I'm finished but I won't be leaving
Big Chris I'm the shit if you must something's sneaking
That's me

[Hook: T-Pain]

[Verse 3: Bow Wow]
Uhh, what the f*ck they talking bout?
You know I'm out rapping any rap artist out
Cash Money Records big stones in my necklace
Don't feel sorry for my father left me and my mom's neglected
Smoking on that hydro, represent Ohio
Girls lining up too slot me up wherever I go
Chucks and some sweatpants, gotta keep it OG
Don't change for nobody shit that's what Snoop told me
Every movie I do it equals more sluts
Niggaz mad cause my paper longer than my tour bus
And too my competition, I'm coming for that title
I'm the nicest nigga doin it I put that on the bible
I just got to crush em, shit on em then flush em
Rub what I acknowledge em muhf*cka who ain't nothing
Any city I step into my presence felt
You think you hotter than me, kill yourself!
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