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What's The Bidness Lyrics

Got my hand on her leg and she ready to come home with me-e-e-e-e
But everythang gotta be straight let a nigga come see-e-e-e-e
How many friends does she come with, how many fine, how many pre-e-e-e-ty
How many gonna be the party movers, how many gonna be getting fre-e-e-e-ky-ky
She giving me the winking in her eye, she be telling me yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
She really don't even know what I'm working with but I'm a take her there-there-there-there-there
So what's the bidness, shawty let me know
I'm a get on the dance floor follow me if you wanna roll-ol-ol-ol-ol

Let's do something bad something that's you always wanted to do
Another shot of (ooh) yeah, yeah get'chu hotter
And I think I got a chance of going home with you if you be...
Thirty-five, forty-five, fifty-five, sixty-five, seventy-five, eighty-five, ninety-five
Hunnit percent
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