A Milli Freestyle Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

A Milli Freestyle Lyrics
[Trey Songz:]
I know a lot of niggas did this shit already but check it
A million pier a million quier like feel like Wayne killed this best shit of the year
He want into the shell so a million niggas touched this beat but ain't nam nigga that can't f*ck with me
My party is democrack I be rockin republic I be rockin we the crack niggas can't tell me nuthing
A milli I feel it I want it I get it you silly you really got plenty in any ma f*ck ya city
You fakin caclin you hatin' revil it I'm making a milli you fancing contrilin how you gone look at it
I'm going fast ain't tryin to look back the shit I shoot a lot of them in the zone so activerit give me the rock
The clock tick I got the shit haters looking like he got to miss nah cause so hot with you gone rid the bench
I'm gone with tents sitting pretty like some pretty new activte yellin' out like how you feel about this
Ya'll piss I'm the shit like a panpper be they call me hugg the way pretty women panpper me
Straight to the voice mail you be yellin' answer me I get her mostire while whispering fast for me
Can't I be livin' like a f*ckin' man I be life is such a fantasy rapping me in a can it be
Smoking a marwanja leans my wrist wet like panties be when she be pretending that her man was me and it be a milli a milli a milli up in the bank bitch

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