Bad News Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

Bad News Lyrics
Oh, Okay, the news just came in
That tre maine is
Now grammy nominated
Awh man whatta dream
But whatta nigga think
Ain't shit changed but the color of the leaves
Still I'm a go hard
Like a dick in a broad
If you hate that, you can put my dick in yo jaws
And don't waste that
I will never loose because the lord is favor
Uh, take that
I've been doing more pain from the game
More strain on the brain then I thought I could sustain
Grandaddy just died, that should bring my daddy close to me
We gon ride out, drive it up, that's how it's supposed to be
Life too short for me to worry about your thoughts
God judge me, I give a f*ck about a court
Plus y'all all foul like shaq was on the court
Don't talk shit now, if you ain't back it up before
But y'all can't stop me from reaching my goals
Ya gay behind doors looking through a peep hole
Tired as a nnnn, I don't never sleep though
Play the game to win, I'll never cheat though
Sometimes it seems I will never beat though
Still I earn the blow like, C4
Now a nigga can take me, no repo
Now a nigga can face me, no equal
Fire underneath, T focal my lip
Under guard shit like I'm under my pits
Photograph me in a picture with a pig
Got the women love me like hate doesn't exist
Suicide Songz I slit my wrists
Suicide doors on a whip ain't shit
Do as I can ... true as I am, old niggas can never be as new as I am
Lames say the same ain't life about evolving
Many arent does the who havent grown as much as Arwin
Such a misfortune
Triggers such a problem
Ain't no mathamatic to equate him or to solve him
Word is I'm cold, and they just wanna defrost him
Word that my boats turn to songs turn to awesome
I don't float
Body on coast
Which one pick one
I'm probably finna touch down
Just bought a seven
I ain't finna touch down
Thoughts running like a man trying to get his gut down
Daydreaming, and my aborted daughters
Trying to put my best foot forward and balance
Like a skater would, searching for a greater good
Riding through my old neighborhood
Outta door reefs it was Christmas time
40 chrome piece with a clip inside
Out of yo reach, Salvatore feet
I adore beats then I kill em so sweet
Sick of niggas hating, quit deliberating
It's anti-climatic how your antiques are average or more ass
Said you got it all backwards
Trey Songz sing
But tre maine has all assests
Bastards, bastards

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