Comfortable (Remix) Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Comfortable (Remix) Lyrics
[Trey Songz:]
It's just entertainment!

I'm not saying this to blame you I'm saying
I'm not saying this to play you I'm saying
It's all good when we making love
All I ask is don't take our love for granted
It's granted My love for you is real
If you don't love me somebody else will
Baby girl don't you ever oh no get too
Get to comfortable

Now ain't the bed comfy when you sleep
Don't your ass stay here for the free
It's the year of the G tho
You know how I be tho
Kick your ass out
And then I'm foul like a free throw
Call me crazy like Cee-Lo
4-5-6 chicks waiting like ceelo
Listening to them hoes
Get the boot like Timbo
Be missing the green
Like a fein for the indo
Don't act all low like limbo
My pie your slice like kimbo
Leave me and you dumb
Then slow
Gimme back my shit like a rental
Get out my face like a hair that's ingrown
Lotta brains never took you for a bimbo
A lotta lames you was rolling with a pimp tho
And I let you ride like I ride instrumentals
So you was saying you gonna leave me
Well take your time be easy
Cause girl you could never play me
Even if you listening to a Trey Day CD
Before I eject your disc
Let me know you this
I'm a family guy truly
But I could give a f*ck about the dog or Stewie

I'm not saying this to make you upset
I'm not saying this to play you I'm saying
It's all good wanna break it off
All I ask when I'm taking off
That you handle it
Can you handle it
I don't need you for real
And though I loved you
Somebody else will
Cause you mustve got to comfortable

First of all I wanna thank you cause I loved you
And the time we spent together you was downer than a sub you
Spoke ya mind and I liked that
Said what you said but didn't fight facts
And then I got my sight back
I held you up like a bike rack
Trust, love, security
In a man nowadays you liked that
But you took my kindness for weakness
I'm gone like the seasons
I'm cool and you freezin
You blew and I'm breezin
Cruisin and creepin
Snoozin and losing on the best thing believe it
You got lazy like a rain day
But you my queen
I still got you like a checkmate always
It wasn't that we fell out that's the issue
It was just where we were in the situ(ation)
I can't deny you got the prettiest smile
And the way we worked
I wouldn't find another for a while
The way you licked
Them lips and them hips
Would say nigga
"I know you gon' miss this"
But girl we in the same boat
Jump out, and we both float
The sea come, and fish go
I see you clear like in slow-mo
We can be friends for the time
Cause we ain't foes- trust
Just kick your feet up
We'll make a toast to the new us
Ice cubes a few cups


Baby it's cool
You was just
A little bit outta line
Come on home now
Home now
Come on home now
On Home
Come on home now
Come on home
Come on home now

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