Death Of Autotune Freestyle Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Death Of Autotune Freestyle Lyrics
I mean like for real, who wanna hear Kells with auto tune, do you, that's some bullshit, Have you've done started some shit baby. They keep comparing me man, I'm a new breed! This a farewell, throw em down the stairwell, and if he wants to compare sells with old Kells that ain't fair, well he's a legend but I'm fresher. Check out my dresser I'm such a dresser.42 to 24 and I ain't talking skull bones, trigger 24 I'm about to get my colburn fresh out the shower and I ain't got a roll burn, this is for the ladies yo.I ain't gotta pose. Remember [? ]. Where they hell he at? Trey songz comin, where Kelly at? Why be indirect? I think he feelin that. He got the game so, so he layin back. Chillin there's not a fact, t-pain copy cat. Who he got around you the people tryin to drown you. Put that autotune on yo homies shoulda clowned you. Kelly you da king but you tryin to be the dream! Now let the track breath. Cut the brains[? ] out who ya tryin to be, me? I'm runnin parallel shawty feel the breeze. Shout out to sea breeze, you still a friend of me. I ain't tryna make mr.kelly ya enemy. No but hes just tryin to be what these singers pretend to be. Once he said I might be better so put it on ya mind because the grind don't let up. I'm still hungry N**** you must be fool. Say it ain't so, right. Oh oh oh. They say it's off with his head. But I'm a wake up dead[? ]. Wake up N****.I [? ] Call me martin Lawrence treat singers like [? ]. Big head gina with this ground my demeanor. Touch it with one finger and she gushin aquafina. She said pleasure me, I'm no pleasure p. No pun intended, can't measure g. and why do you A be thinking I'm getting ahead of me? I'm on my a game and other n****'s let it be c, d, e, g, h I'll j these n****'s. Kanye these n****'s. 808 heart brake these n****'s. I'm so fi[? ] gone drake these n****'s. I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful! And if I gotta eat a plate of these singers, I'll be scrapin you singers, that's all great of you singers. So if ya faded, hate it, love it, I could give a f*** it, all for the public. This was 88 get a tape gon' dub it. Everybody hit this, nike a need a puppet. Open up the budget, what are we discussin? They know I'm the man at atlantic, what I'm speakin Spanish. (Que pasa!) Then it's up next, me and my partner! La la la la. Hey chef, isn't this the recipe for disaster? Were even. Hey kel, let's talk about this over, over lunch or something. You got the bill baby! I be in the city tomorrow.

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