Flights & Skype Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

Flights & Skype Lyrics
We used to be, we used to be
But now we don't, ever see
Each other

And I know you think
I'm too busy for love
(No, no)
When did everything become
So f*cked up? (Oh, no)
The blame can't all be mine (no)
Cause it was just a matter of time
(I'm sorry)

Gotta hop on this fights
So let's skype, tonight.
What once was so easy,
Girl please believe me
It's hard, but I'll try
We gon' be alright
So go ahead baby
Won't you poke it open?

While you got me focused
Cause in a moment
I'll probably be over the ocean



You so bad, you so bad
Of course I miss you
You know I love you
Why you always talking about bitches?
Like we just had a great moment...
And, no!
Listen, I'm on this computer
With yo pretty ass.
I'm not worried about no bitches!


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