Gone Too Long Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

Gone Too Long Lyrics
Wassup world, it's Trigga, most of you know me as Trey Songz
Some of you would like to know Tremaine very few do
And I would like to welcome you all to a place you may have never been before
And I'm happy to be back where I am
And I ask that you just come along for a ride this evening,
This morning, this afternoon whatever it is where you at
I feel like this is something special and I been here before but it

Uh feels like I've been gone too long yeah baby,
Feels like I've been gone too long
I feel like I've been gone too long

Whoa and while listening to this some of you may say well shit
Nigga just dropped an album f*ck you mean
But this is a special place once again I mention
Yet another mixtape
Uh last mixtape I did was anticipation all original music
Soulful sexy whatever have you
Compared to be greater than any other album I've made some people say,
You know and when I do mixtapes, it's a place where I record without inhabition or thoughts
Or what's right or what's wrong, what's to play on the radio, who gone say it's hot, who not,
And to the people that love me out there just know I love you back and the haters I'm trying to learn to love you too,
And until them I'll just stunt on you,
Yah and I just want ya'll to understand something right now
That in life you have choices you have choices to do wahtever the f*ck you wanna do
Or you got choices to do what people want you to do
And right now I'm at the point in my life where I'm a do whatever the f*ck I wanna do,
So sit back and relax I ask that you here this as if you've never heard my voice before
Listen with a new ear listen with a new mind,

Feels like I've been gone to long,
Feels like I've been gone to long,
I feel like I've been gone to long

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