I Invented Sex (Remix) Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

I Invented Sex (Remix) Lyrics
[Trey Songz:]
I see you in the club oooh shawty.
Walkin past a nigga lookin at me all naughty.
Then I said "baby wassup? "
Reached for the handshake, got a hug.
Bottles of the H got me with a lil' buzz.
Up in V.I.P. with all of my thugs.
You leaned over and said you want me.
Girl when the valet pull the Benz up
Off to the crib shawty, where we gon' end up.
Girl sit back, relax, hold up,
Let me turn the radio on.

Girl when I get u to the crib (get u to the crib)
Upstairs to the bed (upstairs to the bed)
Girl you gon' think [x4]
Girl when I pull back them sheets
And you climb on top of me
Girl you gon think [x4]
You gon think I invented sex [x3]

[Trey Songz:]
Put the code in the gate.
Pull up to the driveway.
Said she like the way I touch her.
Listenin' to Usher, I got a confession.
Know we 'bout to sin but your body is a blessing (Father forgive me)
Girl can we take it upstairs?
My bed's waiting there.
All I want to do is give you all of me, won't you give me all of you?
I want your body like right now. (right now)
You know I live a magnum lifestyle. (lifestyle)
Baby turn the lights down and I'm a turn you onnnnnn.


[Papi Chulo:]
Girl when you smile my way, damn you send me
On a natural high. Wanna be more than friendly.
I'll be your seatbelt, hold you down if you lend me
Your heart. I'll be your spotter when life gets heavy.
We can hit the lounge, want the remy or the henny?
I'm a sneaker cat but for you I'll rock the penny-
Loafers. Join me on the sofa, you must be a chaffeur
The way you drive me wild, so loca.
I'll get Magellan on you girl, just tell me when you're ready
Thoroughly explore that body from your mani to your pedi
Ooooh I bet you taste so sweet so edi-
Ble. I'll be a ninja, beat it up Rocksteady.
Yeaaaaa... Monopoly, take a chance.
I'm on my Legend, Slow Dance, romance.
Still think I'm suspect?
Like stairs, I can step.
But Jay said it best, if you're wrong, gotta live with regrets.


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