Maybe (TriggaMix) Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Maybe (TriggaMix) Lyrics
Maybe... (uh) Maybe... (uh) Maybe... Maybe be be be be be cause I put up a sun she never seen
Maybe cause my reality be stuntin on your dreams
Maybe but just maybe I'm exceptionally crazy
See I was born in the eighties I got a way with the ladies
I'm uh addicted to pimpin maybe she thinks I'm different
Maybe I got what she want, maybe I got what she's missing
Maybe cause I'm her habit all she wanna do is kick it
And maybe cause I'm the tortus all you rabbits want a picture
Maybe life is a bore shorty wish it was a better
One night with your boss stay with your nigger forever
Got the game in the bag and they just wish they could grab it
Shout to you niggers hating like why is this nigger rapping?
Shout to the roumers and the dummies that condone it
Shouting to the people thinking I'm only here for the moment
Yeah I live in the moment but I'm so in the future
Maybe cause she wanna know what I'm about to do in the future
I said the future is like now, when the future's like wow,
How can I put it to you baby, you might just bow (bow down)
Respect is for your Highness I'm so forward they rewind it
Maybe you got bars but baby I'm off the wire
Maybe cause you thought I'd take it lighter
But the the fire still igniting 63 yea bitch it's me and no extinguishers can try em
I say it they repeat it they recite it,
Way I'm spitting then you rap niggers supposed to be inspired
I tell you what's required to acquire your desires
So real I never get tired of some real good tires
Cause I'm a roll this motherf*cker to the wheel zone
And when they're gone, I'm a turn into a flintstone
Maybe it's my paper, maybe it's these haters
Maybe in miami or L.A. with the Lakers
Maybe cause I'm cold maybe I'm so cool
Maybe you're so old and maybe I'm so new
Maybe is my swagga or maybe it's my aura
Maybe cause her after was better than before us
Maybe cause I'm winning and you don't know what the score was
Maybe cause you're woman probably got it on my tour bus
Maybe cause you're lame and you know I be thugging it
Maybe cause it's you're dane and you know she be loving it
Maybe she off the chain and want it all in public
Maybe you be smugglin and I be on some other shit
Maybe I'm so special that she wish she never met you
And once I give her something to remember she'll forget you
Within a week of him delete you from BBM
You used to know you were special, but she never called and text you
Not a single voice mail but I know her voice well
And boy oh boy well was she going back to tell
That shit is off the scale, you can never ever weight it
We been going for some days shit I don't know what today is.

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